Each year, AANR-WC awards one or more scholarship to qualifying AANR-WC youth members to assist them with their post secondary education costs.  The total value of the scholarships each year is $1,000, but the number of scholarships and their individual values is determined by the Board each spring based on the applications received.  These scholarships are in addition to those offered by AANR and are only available to AANR-WC members.

The basic requirements for application are reasonably straightforward: 

  • Member (individually or within a family membership) in AANR-WC
  • Under the age of 25 at December 31 of the year of application
  • Registering in the fall in a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada (university, college, technical school, trade school etc.)

Selection criteria include, but are not limited to: 

  • High school scholastic standing
  • Financial need
  • Community/nudist activities

Preference is given to youths who are active in social nudist activities within their local club or otherwise.

Applications for scholarships are submitted electronically through the form linked below. Applications must be submitted no later than May 31 of each year for consideration for academic years beginning the following fall.

Contact for more information on the application process.