Nudist Etiquette


The following guidelines are provided to help those new to the nudist world feel more comfortable as they venture into this new lifestyle.  While there guidelines are generally followed throughout the naturist community, it is still recommended that you check the signage, website or registration desk at any facility to ensure that you are aware of the specific rules that apply where you visit.

Naturists are not generally masochists, so if it is too cold or wet to be naked, naturists wear clothes. Conversely, if it is warm enough to be naked, most naturists will want to be so, whether indoors or out - though there are many people who enjoy swimming and sun-bathing naked but prefer to be clothed at other times or for other activities. It's a matter of personal choice.  Most public beaches are clothing optional, meaning you can be totally nude or partially clothed if you prefer.  Remember to get dressed before you leave the nude area on a beach. 

At most private naturist facilities, newbies aren't expected to be nude immediately, but after a while your motives for being there may be questioned if you are always clothed.  Most private clubs have a policy encouraging nudity except in inclement weather conditions.  At nudist resorts, there is usually an expectation that use of their recreational facilities (especially pools and hot tubs) in the nude.  Nudity elsewhere in the facility is welcome at all times, usually including while dining and at dances or other social functions. It is generally not appropriate to wear lingerie or underwear in the public areas or at the dances.  If in doubt, ask.

Carry a towel with you at all times and ALWAYS SIT ON YOUR TOWEL for sanitary reasons.  Nudists tend to be the cleanest people you'll ever meet, but still...

Most nudists are camera-shy. NEVER PHOTOGRAPH ANYONE WITHOUT PERMISSION.  At private resorts, check with the office for photography guidelines before taking your camera out. When finished, put your camera away promptly.

Be friendly, but respect others' rights to privacy. Stick with first names until you know someone well enough to share more.  Privacy is a big issue with many naturists.

Don't stare, but looking's ok.  Gawking is impolite.  Everyone looks, but prolonged staring is considered objectionable.

Advances of an unwelcome or unwanted nature are not acceptable anywhere..

Erections happen, but rarely.  That towel comes in handy until things calm down. Nudity is not sexual.  Sensual? Sure, but keep the sex (including intimate touching) where it belongs - in private.

Consumption of alcohol in public is illegal.  Please do not take the risk of being fined or worse by bringing alcohol to a public beach.   Rules on consumption of alcohol at private nudist clubs vary from club to club.  Call before you go or check with the registration desk when you arrive to ensure that you are aware of the rules at any clubs you visit.

Children (especially young children) are natural nudists.  Like any other social setting where children are in contact with people they don’t know, parents must be vigilant to ensure that their children are safe.   Keep an eye on your small ones, particularly a lake, pool area or hot tub. ADULTS SHOULD NOT APPROACH OR PLAY WITH UNFAMILIAR CHILDREN.

Pets are usually prohibited at public beaches.  Some private clubs do allow pets in some area, but it is best to check before taking your pet with you to ensure you know precisely what is permitted.